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MAMBANEGRA | Tatto & piercing

MAMBANEGRA | Tatto & piercing


Mambanegra corporate identity.

Mambanegra is a tattoo and piercing studio run by the tattoo artist Luis Medina in which they maintain extreme care with hygiene together with their quality in the finishes.


Corporate identity for tattoo studio (as the main activity) and piercings created from the main logo. The isotype starts from the tattoo «T», the base of it represents the handle and the tip of a tattoo machine, in turn, from the body of this «T» comes a black mamba, thereby creating an isotype that consistently represents the brand.


Reinforcing the idea of ​​the isotype, which is why we applied the Didot typeface, a type with wonderfully constructed letters and sophisticated elegance. The most relevant characteristic of this type is the high contrast between thin and thick lines with a clean and elegant appearance, just like a tattoo, which we treat by eliminating the gaps in its characters throughout, playing with the concept of tattoo, that is, putting ink on the skin.


For the brand’s graphics, we played with different compositions of the isotype, maintaining a very clean and minimalist style devoid of external elements, further reinforcing the concept of tattooing and cleaning the studio.


The chosen corporate color is black, a color that represents the mamba of naming and that also makes up a serious and professional color psychology.


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